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Our Alaska fly fishing float trips – guided or self-guided wilderness fly fishing float trips. We provide everything including float plane flights, guides, food, fishing equipment, rafts, tents, camping/cooking gear, etc. Self-guided trips include all the above except the guide, food, and fishing equipment.

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Just A Few Float Fishing Testimonials

“Our trip with Fish and Float Alaska was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Our group of 9 had some highly experienced outdoorsmen and some scared city slickers all together. This outfit did a superb job accommodating all levels of skill and experience. We all felt very challenged and accomplished by the end…. Oh yea and the food was really good too btw. Would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Thomas M.

“I began planning an AK trip for Veterans late 2020 with a friend. We landed on Float and Fish after hearing great reviews. Planning with Bill, Mel, Chad, and crew made it seem effortless. Once we got into the staging area they helped us overcome some weather related delays and absolute made the trip for our guests. The gear is top notch, the pilots were solid, and they even got the fish to cooperate! Whether you’re a DIY bunch trying to enjoy the solitude of remote AK or you want to put your feet up and let a few guides do the heavy lifting, you can’t go wrong with these guys.”

Josh S.

“An amazing trip made possible by an amazing company! The entire process from start to finish was made really easy and really clear. I would suggest anyone looking to build a once in a lifetime float trip up to Alaska should work with Fish and Float Alaska.”

Ben S.

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Self Guided or Guided Alaska Fishing Trips

Alaska is renowned for its world-class fly fishing, and guided and self-guided float trips are ideal ways to experience it. With a self-guided float trip, you can venture into remote fishing spots inaccessible by road, float down pristine rivers and streams surrounded by spectacular scenery, and enjoy the excitement of the catch. The flexibility of a self-guided trip allows you to set your own schedule and fish at your own pace. You will have the chance to catch a variety of fish species, including salmon, trout, and grayling, and more, with our self-guided trips typically providing float plane flights, rafts, tents, and camping/cooking gear (contact us for a full list).

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a guided fishing adventure, our experienced local guides will lead you to the best fishing spots, help you catch various fish species, and provide knowledge on the area’s unique flora and fauna. Our guided float trips also offer the opportunity to learn new fishing techniques and explore the Alaskan wilderness safely. With float plane flights, rafts, tents, and camping/cooking gear included, our guided trips take the stress out of planning, ensuring a memorable fishing experience.

Whether you choose a guided or self-guided float trip, Alaska’s pristine rivers and streams are waiting to provide you with unforgettable fishing experiences. With proper planning and preparation, you’ll enjoy the best fly fishing in the world and immerse yourself in Alaska’s beautiful and wild landscape. Contact us today to book your guided or self-guided fly fishing float trip in Alaska.

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