Alaska Fish and Float Trip Essential Gear

Below is a good resource to plan your trip.  Upon your booking, we will also provide more documents to help you prepare for you trip.


Stocking foot waders are the only way to go. Neoprene waders have their place and work well, but Gore Tex / Breathable waders have totally revolutionized wading equipment. They will allow your lower body to “breathe” helping to reduce moisture build up, keeping you warmer. They are also very comfortable to fish in all day. To stay warm in Gore-Tex waders simply wear fleece pants underneath. Lastly, Gore-Tex waders take up a fraction of the space that neoprene waders take-up leaving you more room in your duffel bag.

Wadding Boots have to be non-felt type as required by the State of Alaska. Please no studs or cleats as they are very hard on our planes and boats.

The supplies above should be sufficient fly fishing gear for Alaska. If you have any questions about what to bring on the trip, please contact us.

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